Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twisting in Sitting, Chapter 25


Sit comfortably in a chair. Feel how this is.

Move to the front edge of the chair and look around behind yourself to the left and to the right. Notice the difference. For this learning we’ll just go to the left. So, just look to the left five or six times and notice how easy this is, and how far your head turns. Rest.

Now, put your left hand on the chair to your side or behind you, and put the back side of your right hand on your left cheek. Now turn to the left, using the ribs and the upper spine as well as your neck.

Do this a number of times, at least twenty, “easily,” and learn about your spine.

Rest. Rest means, to deepen your connection inside. To feel at ease. To feel in the sensation way of feeling what learning and awakening is happening inside of you. To notice changes in your breathing, your sense of length, your ease in sitting, your sense of aliveness. And anything else that comes to you.

Be present.

Give yourself, over and over, in all these lessons, be they moving, thinking, feeling, or soul, the present of being present.

Even reading or hearing this, just now, if you aren’t “doing” the lesson, breathe, close your eyes, feel your spine, and be with yourself, right now.

Come to the above position (right back of hand on left cheek), and turn about half as far as you go to the left. Then take your hand from your left cheek and put it about a foot in front of your face. Now, “easily,” and “many times,” move your right hand in a circle around where your face is pointing.
Watch the hand with your eyes and let your head turn with the watching. KEEP A SMALL DISTANCE BETWEEN THE HAND AND YOUR NOSE AND KEEP THIS DISTANCE FIXED. So when your hand goes up your nose comes forward and up, when you hand comes down your nose stays the same distance away.

Even more, use your back, as if you are “looking” at your hand with your whole spine.

Go slowly with this.

Have someone read the directions to you, or do it small, small piece at a time.

When your hand goes up, arch your back a little and push out your belly, as if your whole spine is lifting your nose.

When your hand goes down, fold and round your back a little, bringing in your belly, again as if your whole spine is bringing your nose down.

When your hand circles to the left, come to sit on the left side of your pelvis, and when your hand comes to the right, shift your weight that way.

Read these directions a few times and really get it, going back and forth between the hand circle and the head/ back/ spine/ pelvis circle.

Feel the pelvis’ rotation in all of this. This is huge to notice and will change your life forever if you do something like this every ten minutes when you are at a computer.

Come back to the middle and rest.

Rest deeply as per all the above suggestions.

Come back to the first position, with the back of your right hand on your left check. Again turn halfway to the left, and this time make the head/ hand/ back/ pelvis circle in the opposite direction, but this time with the hand touching the face.

Feel the circle your elbow is making as well as the circle your nose is making as well as all the shifting in your vertebrae and your pelvis.

Slow down.

Really enjoy this. There is tons to learn and love and like and discover and enjoy.

Feast on it all.

Rest, again, fully and deeply, with pleasure, presence and learning.

Then simply turn left and right and notice whatever learning and ease has come to this simple human action.

And then get up and walk around with whatever new feelings and sensations are in you.

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