Saturday, December 31, 2011

Love is big, and why not?

Love is easy

          Love is in no hurry

                     Love is kind

                              Love is not demanding

                                      Love expands your mind

And your heart

your heart

your Heart is free in love

             and beats for yourself and the Other and for the whole World

                                 wishing they two three four six billion (or is it seven?) could

                                             so happy

happiness is what we came for

                            and love is the road

                                          Love has no shame

                                                     it shines out to all the world

                  wishing wanting helping everyone to smile forth
                        into the next day
                               into the new year
                                        into the next hour
                                              into the next minute
                                                 into the this very now now.......moment

love is the sweetness of Now
                     loving itself in another Form
                                  over and over and over

 happy new years

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