Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 5 of "40 Days from Heartbreak to Almost Enlightenment"

5. Loving What Is
[ Welcome to your new lover, the one and only totally, TOTALLY trustable lover: Reality!]

We will be circling back towards this many times, as we explore the work of Byron Katie, as we discover the root of all suffering, as we wise up into the glory of now.

And for today, try this: make a study of when you feel unhappy.

And notice that it is always accompanied by a complaint about reality. (One of those shoulds or shouldn’t again, most likely).

Notice that.
Notice how if you wish harder and stronger that reality be different, you feel worse and worse.

And now try out, test out, tiptoe in to LOVING WHAT IS.

If all alone: love that. Just for a moment. (And then maybe another.)
If angry, love that.
If angry and angry at yourself for being angry, love that.
Is sad, confused, rushed, lazy….., whatever it is, love what is.

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