Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Waking to Now: in Money, Love & Movement

Workshop this Thursday,
6-8 PM, May 3,
 in Austin, at Casa de Luz,
$30 first person in family or business, $10
if registered online;
($40 and $15 at the door)

Go to the usual place to register:

What would a MONEY MIRACLE look like?
And how would we look at money, if being present came first,
and our old stories,
took a little vacation?
What about seeing money as possibility, beyond greed, fear and worry?
Being present when “it” is discussed.
Loving our vision for the big life we want.
What is your bigger vision on this planet?
Can we dream our big dream and find money as our friend
toward that dream?

What is your life purpose?

Does joy and being present and loving
and connecting to
seem central to that?

The idea of now, nature and love as a
new holy trinity.

How about Love? Do you have a TEENAGER or a
MATE with whom love is stagnating and/ or missing?
Or is your  relationship pretty great and you wouldn't
mind it getting greater?

We will explore a couple of non-habitual communication possibilities
that could completely free up love to move to whatever its next level
might be.

How are love, attention, awareness and listening all mutually healing?

Are you single, and wishing for AUTHENTIC LOVE?

Are you ready to move with more ease, skill and
pleasure in your body?
And to feel younger, taller, lighter, happier?
To use movement as one more door to the joy and freedom of NOW?

Explore and achieve the amazing possibilities beyond conditioned and habitual life.

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