Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neck, Back, Shoulders, Brain... movement lesson fun

This takes some thinking, which won't
harm you.

Just slow down.
In your reading.
In doing the movement.
In taking rests between the movements.
In any confusion or irritation because you don't
"instantly get it."

Is it true you are supposed to "instantly get" everything?
Or is learning a delightful meander sometimes,
and the slower you go,
the faster you learn?

Sit in a chair, way up toward the front,
both feet flat on the flow.

Turn your head easily right and left.
very slowly.
feel differences.


now just turn from the middle to the left.
middle to the left and then back to the middle again.
feel how this feels as sensation.
see how far you easily turn.
do this six seven ten times.


Now, staying on the front of your chair,
put the back of your right hand on your left cheek.
Slow down, you can figure that out.
Back of your right hand on your left cheek.

In this position slowly
turn left
a number of times, and then
back to the middle.

Sense yourself turning left,
sense yourself coming back.

Think of the right elbow as wanting to look
to the left, too.,

Do this six eight ? times.


Now hug yourself with each hand in the opposite
Slow down. You can do it.
Right hand in your left armpit,
left hand you guess where.

Slowly turn your ribs and head to the left
and back to the middle.





Now, hands in opposite armpits again, but the other
arm on top.
Figure it out.
It's fun.

Turn to the left, stay there with your head,
and turn your ribs back to the middle.
Slowly, reverse the two: ribs to the left
and head to the middle
with the ribs and head going
opposite directions.

Slower the better.
Gentler the better
More aware and pleasurable the curious the better.

A bunch of times.


Play with your belly and pelvis a little, like
belly forward, pelvis rolling a bit,
back lengthening,
belly in, lower back backward,
pelvis rolling back a bit ( as if tucking your "tail bone" under)
your sternum sinking a little.


Now, take your right hand again
put the palm on top of your head
and slowly pull in your
and take the elbow toward your
right knee
(think it thru),
then push your belly forward
and bring your right elbow
up, higher than your head,
and to the left,
an arc kind of thing,
then belly in, slump down,
bring your elbow back toward your right knee.

do this arc slowly.


do it again.


There's a lot more to this one in a class or in person.

If you are in Austin, I'll be talking about this at the Friday morning
Toastmasters that meets at 7:30 AM upstairs at Whole Foods.

Demonstrating three essentials to improve the brain
and the back neck shoulder brain thing.

Toastmasters is free until you join
and this is a very fun club.
Maybe you'll join.

And if you want even more,
next Monday I'm having a intro workshop on
mindful money, mindful relationship,
mindful movement.

There will be even more of this in that intro,
6:30-7:30 PM at Casa de Luz, which you know
if you live in Austin.

If you don't, search out the nearest Anat Baniel Method practitioner,
or the nearest Feldenkrais practitioner and call them up,
and find out where and when group classes are being held.

if you want more of my written ones,
click on the label "movement lessons" below and a string of them will come up.

Enjoy your brain
and rewiring as


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