Thursday, April 24, 2014

mindfulness when you have "too much to do"

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but worth looking at if you wish: 

there are a million excuses not to be present

and here's a good reason to be:

one day we'll be dead

and here's another,
and you can take the hint from this exercise,
the first I have couples do, when they are wishing
to upgrade their relationship

They take turns saying this:
"I am alive.
You are alive."

They do that three times, present to themselves and the other.

Then, three times with the kicker;

"Someday I'm going to die.
Someday you are going to die."

And that's the other half:
every person that you are judging, ignoring, punishing, dismissing, spacing out and not giving attention, cutting off on the freeway, deciding is stupid, wishing they weren't around

every one,


from there
how important is the "getting things done?"

how many of us want this on our

"Was always busy."

And so what?
You can be busy and present.
It's harder.
It's fun.


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