Friday, April 04, 2014

Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain... What the heck, Rewire the Brain

Many a person has an "issue" in their neck, shoulders, or back

They feel tight
They hurt
They feel crunchy
They can't move the way they used to move
They can't sleep
They can't participate in activities that used to bring them joy and delight

There are plenty of "modalities" out there that can
ease the pain
Reduce it
Relax it
Shift the energy and so on

And another way is this:
To create connections throughout our body,
Ankles, knees, hips, each vertebra
The eyes
The ribs
and the arms
and the fingers
and the toes
and the neck
and the jaw
and the spine,
each vertebra
the ribs, which I've said before, neglected, so often neglected
the lynch of all movement:
our pelvis

How can all these be woken up?
Teased into slightly more movement ?
Connected with each other?
Shown new variations and possibilities that weren't in the repertoire?
Allowed to begin to explore that way we did as a child?

Ah, that's what the Anat Baniel Method lessons
are about.

It's a long training on purpose.

It's deep and worth it
and confusing at first
and then
totally clear

tapping into the brain's love 
of learning
piggybacking on how deeply important clear
and organized movement is

letting coordination and ease
go hand in hand

and ease

soft and clear

move and relax

our bodies like a cat
our brain/ bodies like a child

Relearning to learn
how we learned
to roll over
to sit up
to crawl

is obvious once you "get it"
takes three or four years to get it

Come by
Try some lessons

You'll be amazed

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