Monday, August 11, 2014

From Special Needs Kids Blog: Limitation, vs Possibilities, the power of the Anat Baniel Method

This is from my Special Needs Children Blog


The Anat Baniel method uses Brain Plasticity,
and the incredibly
and effective
philosophy of only working with a child, exactly where that child is at

And always working for a small
but real change
in the brain

Which means a new perception
new difference

And when children are shown small differences,
that they can feel,
they learn

And when they learn,
small step
by small step

miracles happen

One step at a time

And this all adds

Into huge breakthroughs.

Here's a six minute video, with various parents and their special needs children,
telling the benefits that they found for their children.

As Anat explains an overview.

The most potent remark is that of a mother who says, essentially:
"Going to the neurologist, is going to the office of limitation.
Coming to the Anat Baniel method, is coming to the home of possibilities."

Come to the home of possibilities,
and your children

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