Monday, August 18, 2014


What is a shoulder?

That stuff up at the edge of the torso, right?

But, what is that stuff?

Take one hand and feel around on the other shoulder. See if you can find the ribs below your armpit, and then if you go around to the back, there's something over the ribs.

That's your shoulder blade.  See if you can feel where the ribs start being covered by the shoulder blade. Wiggle the shoulder a little to help.

See if you can feel the shape of the shoulder blade. It's kind of like an upside down triangle, a bit far fetched to become an angel's ( or bird's) wing, but hints of that.

It just floats, on the ribs, this shoulder blade, and comes up over the top, and has a part of it that we call the collar bone, and that attaches to the sternum.

Gad. Is that too much anatomy?

Well, wiggle it around some more. That attachment at the collar bone and sternum is the only place it's not free, so the shoulder theoretically has a lot, a lot, a lot of possibility for movement.

If you play tennis, golf, a musical instrument, dance with a partner, hug, this move-ability comes in handy.

And shoulders are extremely easy to improve via the work I do. 

The left shoulder above, was that of a quite lovely lady carpenter, who was bed ridden in back and shoulder pain, and after a series of lessons, got up and build herself and her daughter a house, while working other jobs. 

Do you have shoulders, or another part of you, that would like to be better in ease and action?

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