Tuesday, August 12, 2014

High Performers to Higher

Let's say you are really, really good at something
and you wouldn't mind getting better.

What could you do?

1. Think of, invent, play with

play with
play with
ten new ways to do something, your sport or music

2. Dew something wrong

3. Do it with the other hand:
In violin, say, this might take a few days
In piano, having each hand play the other's music might be a gas
In golf, switch the hand on top, or get clubs for the whole other swrng
Tennis: hmmm. Could get interesting

Ping pong on the other hand, a piece of cake

4. Doooooo it veeeeeeeeeeeery sloooooooooowly

5. Doittoodramedfast

6. Do order it out of

7. Eyes closed/ looking the wrong way/ crossed

8. Breath held, Oh wait, many do that any way.
Well: gradate the breathing: all held, part held, half held, mainly free. all free

(Read the above those five ways)

9 Link up the toe of one foot with the finger of the opposite hand
As in right ring toe and left ring finger.
For a certain period, then the pinkies, big toe/ thumbs and so on

10. Add in some spice .

11. Due it wrong another way

12. And dew it rong still a nother way

13 Dew due it rong enuff so that one of there wrung ways turns out better

14 Furget how to count to ten

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