Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fabulous sex "comes" in month three of our couples transformational work

Fabulous sex is necessary but not sufficient for fabulous love.
The first three months of our transformative couples work. Sex is coming, sex is coming, and the groundwork needs to be laid. (Possible pun here)

Fabulous sex is necessary to fabulous love.
Fabulous sex is not sufficient for fabulous love.

In our couple’s transformational process, which lasts 7 months, we introduce fabulous sex in the third month. This is because although fabulous sex gets everybody perked up and happy in intense doses, it does not create the groundwork for fabulous love.
What does fabulous love need:
The ability to be present and loving all the time. Especially when the other person is “pushing our buttons.”
The ability to be happy all the time. Especially when we are not “getting our way.”

So. In month one couples learn to talk in a way that is the best foreplay. Talking truth. Truth is not opinion. Truth is not complaining. Truth is small and very very very powerful.
It’s as simple as “I feel my fingers on the keys as I type these words in.” And notice how little argument could come from that statement.
There is more to simple and elegant truth.

In the first month we learn, speaking only truth. Listening in the present (vs the usual listening to have a response). And listening without interruption.

There is more.

Also in the first month we dive into real presence, really being “here now,” which always includes that vast amount of us usually OUT of awareness. The breathing into the mid section. The pelvis and the legs below the navel. Movement (walking even, how many are aware of the shift of which foot is moving and which foot is pressing). 
Movement as awareness plus pleasure plus learning.

These are all warm ups to fabulous sex.

Month Two:
How to forgive everything and anything.
How to dissolve all resentments.

This does the work of years of therapy.

Our work is not therapy.

Our dream is at least a thousand “AWAKENED COUPLES”. 
PRESENT full time
HAPPY  full time
LOVING full time
And that all of these thousand or more couples have a deep commitment to  “saving the Earth” (which can be saving humanity, whose wars and waste and greed and failure to cure sickness are ravaging the Earth)

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