Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our Wedding Vows

1. We are supporting each other (and expanding) in the Divine Life Energy, which we experience as ease, humor and peacefulness

2. We are cherishing our lives together and treating each other as precious gifts.

3. We are delighting in the wonder of life and constantly sharing our gratitude with each other and the world.

4. We commit to slowing down when we get unhappy, to taking a deep breath and coming back to the present and to God, and asking ourselves: do I want to be right, or do I want to live in ease, grace and love?

5. We are being present, vulnerable and kind in our words (and voice tone) and behavior.

6. We connect with Nature for daily nourishment.

7. We know that love is the center of all life.

8. We are fully committed to supporting each other reaching our highest potentiality and making a difference in healing the Earth and humanity.

9. We are joyfully creating a long and happy and healthy and enlightened love, friendship and marriage that is getting better and better and better every day.

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