Saturday, January 28, 2017

Love Lust and Enlightenment in the age of "Trump-ism:" How not to become the monster as we fight the monster

Love, Lust & Enlightenment in the Age of “Trump-ism”
How we can become enlightened to the moment, to love, to ongoing happiness, and live lives of expanding love, communication, sex and anti-aging
in order to better
Resist the Monster without Becoming the Monster
This is a book for those who want fabulous love at the center of their life. Now that Trump is President, this is more important than ever.
In Germany in the 1930’s, one way to avoid the reality of Hitler was to sing and dance and drink and screw: life is a Cabaret my friend. 
Another approach was to get deeply into the mystical life. The world is too messy, and only blissful union with God or the One or the Great Tantric Orgasm can fulfill our souls.
And those approaches could be tempting now.
As can the temptation to become the monster, full of anger and name calling and automatic degrading of others that is the trump card of the way of Trump-ism.
I say Trump-ism, because although the man is an emblem of much of what is worst in humanity, he is a robot being run by that. He has no awareness, so he has no chasing power. He can only hate. He can only vilify. He can only be obsessed with lying to maintain his narcissism.
He has no choice.
As decent humans who don’t want minorities and women and refuges abused, and don’t want the press punished for being honest, and who want to create a culture that works to solve the climate change dilemma so that the human species doesn’t extinct itself, we need to fight the monster.
The monster of “Trump-ism,” which really doesn’t need to be defined. Each of you feel what is evil and anti-American and amoral out there.
And the secret, well more than the secret, the necessity is to NOT become the angry, asleep, knee jerk, inhuman monster we are opposing.

Taking walks in Nature, doing yoga, taking care of your kids and grandkids with presence and kindness are all ways, of course, to stay true to our real selves, to nourish ourselves for occasional battle with the monster.

Even more important seem to be “I don’t know” groups, who come together in love and confusion to map ways of mutual love and support and resistance.
And this points to enlightenment.
Enlightenment is being present, which allows us to find the new instead of the old dreary programs we’ve taken on so far. (One thing this election made clear: the old liberal model has failed.)
Enlightenment is also being continuously happy.
Enlightenment is being happy in the “I don’t know.”

So much of unhappiness is to be lost in being “right,” which is almost a program of words in our head. Much more on that later, when we dive into forgiveness as living free from the burden of going over and over and over in our heads with some story of how “We was wronged.”
And we’ll discover the joy of being out of our heads, to be grounded in our bodies, in the legs and pelvis and arms and ribs and breathing. To be seeing what the light is bringing in and the ears are hearing right now.

In face, let’s do that….let’s come to real presence in our bodies.
As one smart Chinese monastery apparently has a sign announcing: No Body = Nobody.

If we want to love better, the path to real presence with another is to come to now.
If we want fabulous sex, the only way this will happen is to be in the wonderful gift of a human body.
If we want to grow younger and easier and more graceful and smart in our movement, we need to start with body awareness and then add variation and real, not book, learning.
If we want a life of peace and harmony in all situations, happiness in all situations, increasing health in our lives: to be in our bodies, NOW, is an absolute necessity.

And delight.

Don’t believe me?
Good. This isn’t about belief. This is about experience.

Come to your body now.

Start with the bottom third. The part from two inches below your navel and halfway from the front and back.
This is the “real” geographical center of ourselves.
Called the Hara or the Tantien by some, we’ll such call it the Center.

Start with the bottom third, which is really the bottom half.
We’ll call this the BOTTOM.

Sense two areas in the BOTTOM.
One: sense as much of both legs and both feet and all your toes as you can.
Sense the shape you have them in.
Sense how they are pressing down into the floor and whatever is below you.

Two: Sense your pelvis. 
if you are sitting, sense its relationship to gravity. What is is pressing into.
If you are standing, notice it as the transmission area between your legs and your spine.

This is your body.
This is your now.

Take a deep breath.
Where do you feel that.

Notice two areas of the MIDDLE, which is above your navel and below your head.
For starters: 
One: feel something moving in your chest or ribs or belly as you breathe in and out. 

Two: sense the two arms and hands and fingers.

There is more in the middle, and just to have two areas of awareness there is huge.

Enjoy all this at once:

Legs and pelvis.
Breathing and arms.


Notice three things above the neck:

One: Light coming in your eyes.
Two: Sound coming in your ears.
Three: Whether or not you are smiling.

See if you can do it all:

Legs and pelvis.
Breathing and arms.
Eyes, ears and smile.

It’a lot.

And can you experience how this is “being present” in a real and concrete way that you can do anywhere and anytime.

This is the start to fighting the monster without becoming the monster.
Real presence.

Good luck
Good journey
Great return to the real you that you lived in and loved as a child


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