Monday, November 13, 2006

Back and Shoulder and Neck Pain, Or Elsewhere


Pain is a pain.
Pain is a signal, we aren't functioning the way we are meant to function.

the story is the same:
the brain and the body have forgotten
how to work in an easy and elegant manner,
the manner in which we evolved
as human beings,
and have lost.
We have been educated and conditioned away
from our natural ease and elegance and grace
by our sedentary and stressful and
un-nature oriented lives.

For an immediate
experience of shifting out of
the pain
via learning and repatterning of your brain
and your body use,
try a free lesson at
(don't be scared,
it's a very messy site:
Desk Trainer

Pain is an opportunity:
to learn,
to improve,
to come to a level of moving and functioning and being
that is better than any
since we were youngsters and rolling and jumping and skipping around all the time.

The human wish, is to
"get rid"
of the pain as fast as possible.
This makes "sense,"
and in the Feldenkrais Method,
we have almost miraculous results.

But we are after something bigger,
something more profound:
an understanding of how we
can move and feel and think
and act creatively
in better
and easier
and fresher ways.

As Moshe said, this about,
"Making the impossible possible,
the possible easy
and the easy elegant."

See if you wish, an essay on a three day, three session Miracle lesson, in working with the shoulders as an examination and illumination of this. Healing by Learning.

And for a much longer examination of this, you could enjoy Anat Baniel on Pain, which has links to videos and research and related articles.

I offer group lessons called
either Awareness Through Movement® lessons,
or Transformational Movement Lesson.
I also teach a style of yoga mingled with tai chi
nature and a
lot of exploration, called,
DNA yoga.

See the schedule at Fall Schedule

and See on Awareness Thru Movement

Whether DNA Yoga
or Movement Lessons,
benefits and healings to back, breath,
mind and spirit
are huge.

I offer individual lessons,
called Functional Integration.

This is not massage. Not physical therapy. Not chiropractic oriented.
Not body work.
This isn't about "fixing."

This is brain food, and body learning, and heart food, and soul food.
This is about transformation

This not only feels great,
maybe better than you could imagine,
but provides opportunities for your mind/ brain/ body system (i.e. you) to learn new
sweeter ways of functioning.

These new ways not only
begin to undo and transform stress
and our old habits of tensing and contracting and limiting ourselves,
you begin to function in better ways
in other areas of your mind/ body
and your life.

This work is transformational,
and almost miraculous.
You deserve this, I believe.

My training consists of the "normal" 160 days
to become a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
an additional 165 days of training
including 78 with Anat Baniel
years of training in Gestalt, meditation,
nature centered healing, hypnosis, and more.

Lessons cost $60-$150 per lesson
you pick the amount

for staggering changes
start off with three times one
and then three times the next week

Lessons last thirty minutes.

If prices are out of your range,
let's talk:
we can do shorter lessons,
20 minutes ,
for less,
and you can still get huge benefits.

If you combine 20 lessons
with 20 minutes of HomePlay ( not HomeWork)
a day,
You can expect to Move
and Feel

You can keep learning up to almost as many lessons as you are
years old,
depending how far you want to come on the path of
poor to fair,
fair to good,
good to great,
great to greater.

In large and small
of your
Whole Life.

Give yourself the gift of improvement,
from fair to good
good to great.

Call for an appointment 707-996-1437

Or Email me

Thanks, and I hope this is a beginning of a wonderful transformation in your life.