Monday, November 20, 2006

Feldie Fun,#5 Eyes and Tongue

These are important to life on earth and to mammal life and to human life. We have a tongue that tastes like the other animals and licks the wounds sometimes and plays in kissing ( do other animals do that?) and we talk.

The human tongue talks.

This has an up side: we can communicate, we can say hello, we can write poems, we can explain our trip to Mexico, we can share our feelings and our dreams and our vision of a healed planet or a just world.

It also has a downside: we forget the dog as a shaggy smelly moving and loving and wiggling organism and boil it all down to "dog." We have someone frown at us and instead of someone frowning at us, we have a big story on how they don't like us, and how we should be treated better, and how this/life isn't fair and on and on, the words making us more and more miserable.

No, not the words; our believing in the words.

We have eyes and stand upright, when we aren't latched into a computer or a car seat, and we can see farther with these upright eyes and huge parts of our brain are connected to vision.

Good for the eyes.

Good for the tongue.

And now: let's play a game. A head and eye and tongue game.
The game will go like this. Roll your head gently to the right. And back to the center. And back to the right. And so on. Easy, with awareness and enjoyment. For example: what would it be like to follow your breathing and sense how you were sitting or standing while you did this? Can that awareness make this moving of yourself more pleasant?

Fine. And rest.

Now roll your head gently to the right and back to the center and let your eyes move to the left. This is either easy or difficult or something in between. Go so slowly that you can feel an almost pleasant, if not pleasant, difference between the nose going one way and the eyes going the other. Feel this personally: your nose moving one way and your eyes moving the other.





Now roll your eyes to the right and your tongue to the left, and back and forth, with your tongue going right as your eyes go left, and back and forth and back and forth, again, so slowly that you can't help but enjoy this a little or a lot. And rest.

And do this some more, tongue one way, eyes the other and at the same time roll your head from facing ahead to facing toward the right and back to the center.

Which is to say, as your head goes front and to the right and to the front, have a little windshield wiper thing going with the eyes one way and the tongue, your eyes and your tongue, wagging away merrily in opposite directions. Have your eyes and tongue wagging back and forth more quickly than your head is turning right and back to the center, and this can be a very slow "more quickly."

Is there a way to enjoy this?

I imagine so. I feel so, sense so when I do it. Give it a go. See what happens and what you learn.

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