Saturday, November 18, 2006

Raw Foods and Waking Up and Feldenkrais

There are lots of reasons to eat raw foods:

  • They taste good.

  • They give your body a wonderful feeling.

  • They help you eliminate sickness and colds.

  • They help you transcend all sorts of "diseases."

  • They are fun.

  • They are fast. No faster food than apple from tree to mouth.

  • They are fresh. No fresher food than tomato from vine to mouth.

  • They are amazing.

  • They are fun.

And what might be a Feldenkrais reason?
Well, to my mind, a core idea in Feldenkrais, especially WakeUp Feldenkrais, is that we are in habits in our life, some of which are so deep and unknown to us that the Gurdjieff understanding that we are going through our lives in a state of "sleep" is not too strong a way to put it.

And one of the greatest sleeps going on is around the mouth.



We put food in, we shovel it in. We taste maybe the first bite of each forkful. We think, talk, read, worry, hurry, stress while we are eating.
We eat what we are used to eating, what everyone else eats, what we were trained like baby seals to eat, when we were babies.

So, Feldenkrais and WakeUp Feldenkrais could say this, or does, via my versions: Stop eating cooked food for a couple of weeks.

Examine your habit.

See what happens.

That's all: do it for the love of learning and change and discovery.

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