Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is It Right Yet?

All our lives we are told, "No. That's the wrong way. Do it this way. Do it the right way."

Well, fine, if the "right way" really is the best? But what if it's just the parent or teacher or big brother or smartass friend's habitual idea of the way they like to go about things. Or, what if it's just the way their teacher or parent or blah, blah has taught them or forced it down their throat.

Add to this the greatest human weakness: our fear of disapproval and almost desperation for approval. To get this, we'll do it some imposed "right way," even if it wouldn't feel "right" if we were to sense ourselves and really pay attention to what is "right" for us.

And along comes the Feldenkrais work. Try it this way. Try it that. No, really. Slow down and sense and notice and feel deeply the difference. Try it at least three ways. Make it better. Make it worse. Make if different and even if you can't tell if it's better or worse, just enjoy knowing options, and learning about possibilities.

And along comes WakeUp Feldenkrais. What is the difference when we are aware and when we aren't aware. Being aware can be one more "right" thing to do. To hell with that. Just notice: what's the difference?

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