Monday, August 20, 2007

Healthy Backs, and Being Present: Or Once more: Discovery vs. "Doing it Right"

nice back

I'm reading a not very good manual that purports
to combine Feldenkrais and Physical Therapy.

Maybe it does
do the combining,
but this is what that means,
at least in this instance:

help is on the way:
Just learn about yourself,
and how you move
(so good, so far),
and keep a tight ass
and tight lower belly when
you do anything interesting.

Tight ass as in squeezing the rectal muscles

La, la.
Tight assed
is a phrase that describes,
with unfortunate accuracy,
how many people go about
shielding and tightening themselves
against the novelty
and wonder of life in the moment.

what do we have in this tight assed
tight gut approach:
a "short cut."
Create tension,
make things too firm
for any real mobility,
and then you can
"stay out of trouble."

At what expense:
really sensing how to move,
really sensing how a back
and how hips work,
really learning about yourself
and the wonder of being this
marvelously unstable and hence
hightly apt for all sorts of amazing movement
called a human being.

wake up to now,
and use variation
and discovery to learn
about your self
and your awareness
and your back.

Or tighten down
the hatches,
approach yourself
as a machine
needing fixing
and "help"
by becoming more limited.

La, la.
that's no real choice to me.


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