Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What to say about the Glories of Feldenkrais?

Feldenkrais the man,
bless him,
and he left us a system of
and exploration
and learning.

here we are,
in a world that is in a mess,
and how can Feldenkrais
help with that?

Learning to see things
from at least three points
of view.
That's a good start.

Finding our way
back to our
not as muscles and bones to shove around,
but as marvellous dancing and learning
and loving
through which we can taste
the sweetness of life.

and in that state of sweetness
be kinder
to ourselves
and others.

And the fun
of learning
how to do
something "hard,"
the famous
"making the impossible, possible;
the possible, easy;
the easy, elegant,"

This is a nice way
to go about living isn't it?

and cultivating
and honing
a sense
of ease
and grace
and elegance,

in our teaching,
in our learning,
in our living.

Good living
can be very simple

and Good living
is going to be necessary
to save the world.

and good living
is going to be one of
our return routes
back to our basic
which is happiness,
and love
and sharing,
and ease.

take a walk.
Roll around
and remember the Feldenkrais lessons
we have learned.

Be easy,
be happy,
be learning.


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