Monday, August 27, 2007

Now, Mindfulness, Movement, Healing

We come into this world whole.

And wholy dependent.

With a huge brain,
and lots to learn.

We try this,
we discover that.

Our brains and
our bodies
learn to move,
learn to roll over,
learn to sit up,
learn to crawl.

Words come our way,
we make sounds,
we stumble on words,
we discover the meaning
of that game.

And then,
a sort of sleep descends
we fall into habits,
our dependence
has created habits
huge habits
of addiction to approval
feal of disapproval
we stop exploring
we stop living in the moment

we are no longer whole

many ways to get back

mindful movement
experimental mindful movement

is one of the best

partly because it's away from words,
the way we were when we started
partly because it's so "real"
when we feel how our arm or leg
or spine "feel" (sensing the actual bone
and muscle and blood and movement)
and partly because we spend so
much of our time
in our bodies
but not really knowing we are
which is to say:

welcome home
if you want to come home
to now
to movement
to awareness

waking up moving
a nice thing to learn
a nice thing to discover
a nice way to live


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