Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mini Cure for Depression

cotton woods

the depression

we can weave ourselves
down and under,

the Work of Byron Katie
I'm doing at
and 108 Days: Undoing with Love

is one way out
of this trap

is to just get to now

and especially
the now
of being in our bodies
and learning
to be happier
and more at ease
in there:

like this
mini lesson:

notice pelvis

turn head left

pick one

turn half way that way,

move eyes left and right

close eyes
imagine fixed ahead eyes
and turn head right and left from half way L or R,
whatever you picked.

come to middle

go halfway again
close eye,
R and L on pelvis

stop, open eyes and turn head fully
that way:

notice improvement in ease and range

and if you had depression where would it go
while putting attention on
some many real
and tangible parts of our functioning
and learning


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