Thursday, October 23, 2008

weird ideas about "stability"

viri one with rocks

I've just had, recently this amazing
realization about all this "stability"

First, an experiment:
extend your arm, you pick,
lengthen arm out at hand,
and at same time
bring shoulder blade backwards

you have a "stabilized" shoulder

now, try this:
bring c7 backward
and thrust your jaw forward:
you have a "stabilized" neck

which is to say,

sooner or later I'll post on
the non-tragic (via work of Byron Katie)
separation from a wonderful sweet partner,
who is a yogi
and among my faults. her faults, her mother, my mother,
her this, my that, the usual imperfection not wanting
to see imperfection
doesn't like to hear these
ideas about "core stability"
which is the same nonsense:

immobilize a person,
turn them into a post,
and call that "stability"

minor problem:
humans are designed for maximum instability
= mobility

much more on this as we go.

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