Saturday, October 25, 2008

maximum instability, and what it means to be human

three roses

someone on Feldyforum asked
about how to create maximum instability

here's my thinking
if we aim at maximum instability that's useful
and even poised, for maximum mobility

take the human body
raise the center of gravity as high as possible
and lessen the base:

thinking like an engineer here we go:
on toes
on toes with arms raised
on toes of one foot with arms raised

and with props:
on toes of one foot with arms raised, holding rocks, a long pole, another person
all the above and on a ball, a slippery surface (ice, watery), a tight rope

going about to the human max:
on toes of one foot on a ball on ice holding another person above one

going beyond the bounds of the human, I think:
on toes of one foot on a ball on a tight rope holding another person above

and Moshe has lots to say about this:
from Body and Mature Behavior, page 96-97 newest edition:

"In the unstable balance the center of gravity is as high as possible,
and the potential energy is maximum.
No supply of energy from any other source
is necessary to change the position.
The displacement feeds itself on the stored potential energy.

When its center of gravity is maintained at the highest position,
the human body is fit to move
in any direction
with practically no expenditure of energy,
and even this minimum is drawn from its
potential energy.
The potential energy is restored
so that all movement starts from this configuration
of maximum potential energy.

The standing body is thus ever ready for
translation (non rotation motion, in footnote)
movement at short notice. In that respect
it is more perfect than the body of
any other animal,
which may be faster in one particular direction,
but has not the all-round freedom of movement of

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