Wednesday, March 23, 2011

arms and legs from the middle

Lie on your back.

1. Take a beginning impression: here I am.

2. Feel the surface below you.
Feel the top and bottom of you.
Feel the front and back of you.
Feel the breathing of you.
Feel/ sense ( all feel above= sense) the five lines:
2 legs
2 arms
1 spine
Sense your breathing

2.b.Take a next impression: here I am after scanning myself.

3. put a weight or rock in each hand and place both hands above your head,
which means, up in the opposite direction that your feet are down,
as if standing,
so up in lying means hands on the floor above you

rock in each hand

lift the right arm and rock and little bit
feel/ sense this
not high
breathe out as you lift toward the sky
keep doing this until the sensation of doing this from the middle of your stomach oecurs to you
rest a lot
feel ribs back stomach stomach muscles shoulder
leave your head on the floor
make this pleasure

rest ( leave the rocks up there on the floor or ground
and bring the arms down beside yourself each time you rest)

4. Lift your left leg slowly and easily
and just a little
and many times
and slowly
and gently
and find pleasure
and feel the stomach as the center of this

breathe out as you lift toward the sky


5. Lift both right arm plus rock and left leg
feel the connection through your diagonal
the usual:
breathe out as you lift toward the sky
low effort
not much distance
lots and lots of awareness
and learning
and pleasure


6. roll to your belly
same rocks in each hand, same hands and arms above the head on the floor

Same sequence:

lift your right arm and bunch of times as above
feel this into your back
push out your belly
try with tight abs, tight belly
try with loose and relaxed belly
get to know and love your anti-gravity muscles
pause halfway up,
and make the lift low, as only a couple of inches
so pause at one inch
breathe easily
breathe out as you lift toward the sky
move your head side to side,
with your eyes going in the opposite direction
finish going up
notice going down, even two inches is a movement


7. Lift your leg slowly, which leg, your left leg
all the same slow, feel into back, release stomach muscles,
use your back,
breathe out as you lift toward the sky
awareness expanding
pleasure increasing

many times


8. Right arm with weight, left leg
breathe out as you lift toward the sky
learn how beautiful and awake to the present
slowly and aware can be
enjoy your back
and the diagonal that is so intrinsic to walking
and throwing a ball
and all sorts of other moves

many times


9. Go back to your belly
and two times do each
the arm
the leg
arm and leg as before right arm, and left leg


10/ take impression of yourself now
notice differences:

one: the right arm left leg diagonal and the left arm/ right leg diagonal

two: the youness of you now vs before the lessons


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