Monday, March 28, 2011

subset of Monday post at special needs children blog, a movement lesson/ demo

On Monday's I post at

here's a movement lesson subset, just to keep building the repertoire of them
on this blog

see Movement Lessons in this blog, for the whole gamut

okay, here's the lesson:

back away from the computer a bit and lift both your right and
left arm one at a time
from your knee, forward and up in front of you

go slowly and notice the difference

pick the arm that is easiest
lift in again up and forward again
8 times

2 times rocking forward on your pelvis as you lift

2 lifts pushing out your belly and smiling and releasing your belly
as you lift

2 times feeling the ribs on that side as you life

and 2 time actually looking down with your head and pushing out your belly
while you lift

then sit quietly

sense both sides

then lift both arms

feel the difference

be happy and excited for yourself and your child
if you have one

you have not been fixed

one side has a lot more connection of
you to you to brain to you to you
than the other

doesn't learning feel great?

short and sweet

happy Monday

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