Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The importance of options

Something goes wrong
in our emotional world,
and it's usually a rift on the same darn thing:
we don't get out way,
don't get what we want,
someone disapproves of us,
or doesn't like us,
and the last too are just:
Me no get my way,
once more.

What are our options:
The downhill slide: discouraged, angry, sad, withdrawn

And then real options:
curiosity: what's with the person

Being present: oh, well, they are what they are and I'm in the
of my breathing
and sensing gravity
and knowing my arms and legs and spine

the joy of a movement lesson

or taking a walk

or remembering all the things we love

or doing the Katie work and seeing that what the "other" is
"doing wrong"
is something we do, too

All these options
stopping/ pausing/ inhibiting the automatic downhill slide
using more of ourselves: attention, thinking, moving

And now we return to the world
of eliminating pain
and refining and making elegant and pleasurable our moving
and our

and guess what:
it's the backing off from the way we always do it
and using more attention
trying a new action
adding on the whole of ourselves to our movement
using less effort and more awareness
using less speed and more awareness
taking rests, being aware of the moment
at one with ourselves

This is short and not "enough" if you came here
looking for a deep insight today
think of times you turned around an emotional deal
that could have gone bad
times you released yourself from physical pain
or used classes or private lessons to

an think of times
you created something new and amazing in
your life

and YOU
search for the commonalities

happy hunting

and won't it be fun,
this looking for how we work
when we work well
instead of the "normal" way
of paying gobs of attention on how we "Don't do well."

maybe even apply the principals
you are discovering
to the next
new thing
that is coming into your life?

what is that?

And if you don't know,
aren't you lucky,
you'll get to find out

and I said I'd have an invented lesson for you today:
check back way later in the day
and i'll have one

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