Friday, March 04, 2011

Landmark Forum thoughts, with two links to Moshe

Link one:
in Potent Self,
the contradiction between being in school
forced to be a good little robot
learning about "great people" in history
exactly those who threw off their robot

Link Two:
Werner at an EST gathering saying
"All you asshole don't even know how to walk"
and Moshe's reactions to that:

read on,
if you wish,
and don't stone me
if Landmark changed your life

the technology is there
but there's a reason so many people are repulsed
by the cult thing
(hey, it even happens when we practitioners really
"get into" Feldenrkais. or Anat Baniel)

here goes

Well, I went to the Intro Evening
which with diabolically clever packaging,
was the last 3 hours of a weekend training

people were all whoopie do about their 
and for some good reasons

and their last night assignment:
bring in the newbies

and it clearly had 
(recall a statement I annoying make now and then,
our three choices as humans:
low grade robots, high grade robots, awake--
worked meant, it appeared to me, radically upgraded robots)

And yet,
and yet,
this work is obviously hugely effective
for those
not having done anything like the work of Byron Katie
or encountered, apparently,
the difference between attachment and non attachment
or story vs not believing the story
or identification with programming vs not identifying

a huge gob of people
had woken up to their pre-judging
and had made phone calls to parents
and so on
apologizing for narrow mindedness

needless to say,
lots of breakthrough

but back to the diabolical
because the "sharing" some of these breakthroughs,
plus the clever pitch that this was an invitation not a demand
and then throwing in some hints about the power of
realizing we are run by our "view" of reality
and the frenzy built

and by the end
the pressure was on:
if you came,
as a guest and didn't sign,
your life was forever lost, you'd blown it,
you really were making a mistake

huge pressure
after the promise of no pressure

I'll talk some in tomorrow's slow sonoma essay
on the difference between trying to push (hard)
someone to give up their story (done in the example time
at the end by Mr Trainer, an ex-Marine with all the 
suitable breakthroughs)
and Byron Katie's loving the person with and without their
and having no attachment to them "getting it"
doing her work

But, if you've come this far,
the thing,
and the way it's set up for a lifetime of associates
and friends who all "get it"
in the way of Landmark speak/ understand/ breakthrough
(dating services, huge crowds, endless keep up with it courses)

reminds me of Moshe in Potent Self
 talking of "great men" in history,
studied in books in school
in exact circumstances to stiffle the originality
and thinking for themselves that made the "great men"
(or women, of course)

the wild weird contraction:
wanting to bring freedom
to a herd
and not giving them the internal experiences
that say
a movement lesson
could give

leaves people in a weird bind
almost a double bind

 a cult devoted to deprogramming you from the ongoing

I'll have to mull it over
because it's fun seeing how useful and effective their 
work is
and how
convoluted the pressure to bring in everyone you know
is compared to / distinct from the thrust for freedom

and if you are still reading
here's a
story from Denis Leri on Moshe at an EST
and Werner up front ranting about "all you assholes don't
even know how to walk"
and Moshe standing up and walking across the floor
"All you assholes except one don't know how to walk."

And now,
ala Landmark:
an ad for "something to buy"

over to the right
a book
an ebook
written by yours truly,
has 108 practical and deep
activities/ meditations/ games
to "Wake Up"

there's links to a table of contents
and plenty of chance to try out the first eight

go there and play/ learn/ wake up
if you so wish

no cult approval for having done
and then again
it might up your happiness/ being present
which, after all,
is the main
"inner weather" of our own going life

that and love
and there's TONS
in the book to improve love



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