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the big C: great news----Change or Die ---Feeling, Finding,, Feeding, Frolicking, Fun, Feldenkrais and Waking Up

If you have cancer you can keep doing
what you always did,

or you can change.

I am, in this essay going to offer a bunch of possibilities for
and every single one of them would mean a more wonderful
life for you, and you, and you,
whoever and wherever you are,
with or without cancer.

The most important change is
Finding your true self.

This means waking up, because if we aren't in the moment,
and aware of what we are doing, thinking, feeling and being in
that moment,
then we are being pulled pushed or mashed along by our

It's strangely obvious,
so obvious that it's like the fish unable to discover water,
but here it is:
if the real "I" isn't home,
then the programming has to be running the show.

And the real "I" isn't the thinker,
though real thinking is an attribute of the real "I,"
and real thinking has almost nothing to do with the chatter
in our heads we call thinking.

Finding out
Feeling into
the real you.

Later I'll recommend buying my book.
For now,
see what "being present" feels like for you?
Look at the next couple of sentences, then get up from the computer
and walk around
and see if you can have as little of the "chatter" inside your
as possible,
and just look and listen and feel your feet touching the ground
or floor,
and follow your breathing.

See if the sweet and amazing Being inside of you
can be your central experience as you walk a bit.

Okay, up from the computer:
take a walking of Being in the Moment.



Okay, so I walked around. You walked around.
Sometimes we were present,
sometimes not.

When we were, that was the real us.
When we weren't, all sorts of wishes, worries, wants,
traditional thoughts, obsessions, hungers etc came up.

Oh, well.

Take lots of walks.
In as beautiful of places that you can find.
As close to where you live as possible, so that we can avoid
the car habit a bit.


What do you feel throughout the day?

If you are happy, this is a sign you are close to or at who you really are?

Dis-ease has a hard time sticking around happiness,
so being happy is healthy as all get out.

And if you have unhappy moments,
like unhappy you have cancer,
feel those feelings.

Feel how that unhappiness is something you
have felt
with slightly or hugely different reasons,
many, many times.

Feel the "itness" of that unhappiness.
Feel the real sensations in chest and belly and breathing and eyes.
Wherever it takes place for you.

Then notice that the sensation of any unhappiness
is wordless.
It's just sensation.
Notice that the words almost always make you feel
and aren't in the present,
they are auditory hallucinations in your head.

This is what people call "thoughts," but it's more like
unhappiness programming.

What do do about the unhappiness programming?

Do the Work of Byron Katie
(if you are away from this link,
just remember: )

Her website will show you how.
I have written many essays on here work, and clicking on the label at the bottom
will bring them up.

Also, my book, has a whole systematic build up and working through
of her method.
Book can be bought to the right,
and has 108 ways of being more happily thrilled to be alive.

It would be good for cancer or wanting to have a more full
and happy and awake life, or both.

And the Katie work leads to something crucial in

We could, if we don't beat ourselves up about it,
look at "dis-ease" is a form of suicide.

And we could look at suicide is a form of anger turned against ourselves.

And then we can figure out whom out there we are angry at.
It can be petty, and have been held onto forever and ever,
or some major "hurt," that is festering away in us.

If we admit our angers toward all the people we were ever angry at,
and do the work
The Work of Byron Katie

to dissolve that anger,
then the dis-ease will be bathed in ease,
and again, dis-ease tends to dissolve in ease.

Ah, sigh, this is a big one.

Give up some things, at least for a while:

Give up: white carbohydrates: ie. sugar and flour, all pasta bread and so on

Give up: non food: anything with a list of ingredients, any chemicals, sugars, fructose, corn syrup, all that crap.
give it up.

Give up: All grains, even whole except millet, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth.

Give up:  all meats and egg not raised on pasture. "Free range" in poultry can mean hanging out in a lot of dirt.

Give up: most eating out, unless you are willing to pay for good real organic grass fed food. Otherwise the restaurant has the incentive to get you cancer filled low cost corn and pesticide filled yuk.

Okay, give up those:

Add on: lots of high quality water

Green smoothies at least 2 quarts a day.

Raw food, at least one meal a day,
and all snacks.

Raw protein, from animals: raw meat and fish, and butter.

Some do well with raw dairy.
Some not.
Or some do well with raw dairy if it's fermented as in keffir and yogurt.

Food is big, and lots of people don't like to change.
And who knows: stopping bread etc seems preferable to chemo
but I'm not an expert
though I'm pretty healthy.

I'd recommend these three books to have some new ways to think
feel and act
about eating

Carol Alt Raw Fifty: lots of testimonials of people who undone cancer, as well as other stuff

Sally Fallon:  Nourishing Traditions, whether raw or not, get this book, amazing information from teh discoveries of Weston Price, a dentist who in the 1930's went looking for the healthiest people in the world

Victoria Boutenko, Green Smoothie Revolution: read it, and start green smoothies, actually start today, just add fruit, organic, and greens organic and make something that tastes good to you. Add soaked sunflower seeds, soaked almonds, soak pumpkin seeds for fat and protein

I showed this above, it's worth buying two,
and maybe add this:

Okay, there's more to curing cancer:
The Felkenkrais stuff
and the Anat Baniel stuff:
this is a long discussion and deserves its own
but these movements,
in group or private lessons will:
balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
produce calmness and helping breathing and sleep
lift depression and encourage enthusiasm for life
create more self love
create inner ease, both physical and mental
teaching slowing down
help people to be present
reinforce self loving
return to a youthful discovery and excitement about life
plenty more

find an Awareness Through Movement class with a Feldenkrais practitioner
a Transformational Movement class with an Anat Baniel method Practitioner,
and read
Anat's book
of nine essentials for lifelong vitality,
This will help undo many unhappy habits in movement, thought and relationship

Move into Life

And last and maybe this should be number one:
Make love

Once a day.
But first talk.

get a timer
set a timer.
5 minutes you talk, your mate listens, no interrupting

look into each others' eyes

don't "think" of what you, as listener, are going to say

look into eyes and listen to the sound of the words

both listen: talker and listener

go slow

discover new things to say

don't complain

talk about loves and likes in life
and wishes and dreams
and what noticing in the present

go back and forth for 30 minutes

then make love


this will be immense

try it and see

if you want,
come to one of the places I live
and experience an intensive
in Enlightenment in Action

Which will include all the above and more

Okay, that's a good start.
email me questions, comments, discoveries

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