Monday, June 20, 2011

Living From, and Teaching to the What Is, not the What Isn't

In the Work of Byron Katie
we are given a pathway out of any and all emotional suffering.
Look it up if you want,
or work with me as part of my Enlightenment in Action

The point,
for now is,
that the end result of Katie's work,
and the means whereby to get
to the happiness, peace, and joy, and inner contentment
we all want,
which is our birthright actually,
is Loving What Is.

A long or a short paragraph could follow
on how useful it would be to our parenting
or to all relations in the world to be more happy
and present,
and I'll just leave that to you
as obvious,
although perhaps not given the proper nourishing.

And the children:
Anat, who is now in the second segment of her new Basic Training,
is helping people with their observation

We will be doing a movement lesson
and someone will be having a hard time,
and she'll give that person some clues,
but first she'll ask for observations.

Many, at first, are of the sort:
she's not doing this...
he's not.....

She pointed out that you can't really work
with the not.

What we can work with is what someone is doing.
From there little modifications,
variations, and most of all attention increasing,
can begin to expand
and expand
and expand the options.

But we can't expand a person's options,
by focusing our attention or their on what is missing.

This is why the now is so powerful.
We are here right now.
We can breathe with more awareness
or look away from the computer and find
some leaves or nice colors to view.

We can shift the position of our spine.

But all that comes from now,
being inside ourselves in this movement.

So, with the children,
no matter what they are doing,
this is the What Is
to love.
And from there we can expand out,
try options,
explore what discovering and learning can

And all the power comes from focusing on
the present sensation and present position
and present shape and form of the movement,
as we do it now.

This is a lot like getting to our goals,
not by striving away to reach a picture we have in
our mind
and beating ourselves up in inner dialogue for
"not being there yet,"

but instead, having the goal as our guiding intention,
and then along the way,
discovering over and over how we are going
about this,
and in that discovery making more
and more refined improvements,
each one of which feels good,
in the moment,
on its own.

This slowing down,
on the way to the goal,
is actually the fastest way there.

Okay, I'm on the road,
and this has to be short,
and think about this,
in yourself, your clients, your children
your relationships.

How can we discover, enjoy, and love
the what is of now,
and then modify out to small and delicious


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