Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slowing down while moving ahead

happiness is two paintings 
made by yourself 
decorating your own wall
and with two "bites" out of one 
for self made cards to friends

This is what I'm interested in my life now:
being present and in the world.

Successfully in the world.
Even outrageously successful in the world.

All at no cost to the ongoing joy bliss and power of being present.


I'm creating a program that combines Anat Baniel/ Feldenkrais work
with the work of Byron Katie
with Voice Dialogue work
with Gestalt
with straight ahead being present
with meditation
with Real Health
with Lavish and Ecological Abundance

I wish to move forward, have fun,
be successful, help a huge number of people
radically improve their connections to

each other
the present
their idea of God. spirit. oneness.

which means that along the way,
my joy and goal is to be connected to

the present

this is ambitious and fun

And what of the slowing down in the title of this essay?

Slowing down any time I'm not feeling and sensing myself in a pleasant
and potent place

because without slow
I can't learn
and without learning I have to keep doing
what I've been programmed to do

This is fun:
Pain = slow down
slow down = chance to learn
learning = chance to change
change could be::::: pain away
and happy potent rich life instead

it's as if slowing and learning and awaring are food,
food for the deepest sweetest part of ourselves


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