Friday, July 01, 2011

the purpose of "bad days"

suffering is either an addictive junk food,
or a very precise kick in the rear:

wake up, suffering says,
you are fighting Reality

looking around at What Is
look inside at your demand/ complaint/ whine/ judgment

see the difference

feel the suffering?

try this:
stand over here
stand in your belief
really, really believe reality should be, or should have been different
write down a big fat list of how
that makes you feel
in emotions
in body
in actions
in breathing
in being present

stand over here,
a new place
and see what it's like
without the story
about how reality should be different
no story it should be what it
no story it shouldn't be what it is

just observe, taste, experience

how is that

and if suffering gets you to compare the two
stand in the two places

it did a good job
for you
didn't it?

have a happy fourth
i'll be travelling all that day,
ferry from Orcas to Annacortes
shuttle from Annacortes to Seattle
plane from Seattle to Austin

this is good

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