Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Additional thoughts about "Movement with Attention."

In Anat's book, there are some very
inspiring examples of people whose
lives made dramatic shifts when
they discovered Movement with Attention.

The main element I missed in yesterday's essay
was the usefulness
and importance
of realizing that thinking and "feeling" in the emotional
are also movement.

And if we pay attention to our emotions,
we can feel them either deepen,
if they are sweet emotions,
or begin to loosen and shift
if they aren't such pleasant ones.

With thinking, she didn't give any examples
of watching our thinking as motion,
but one of the great uses of journalling,
and the "three pages a day" of the Artist's Way,
is that we can go beyond the usual two thoughts
clunking through our nogans and discover deeper
and perhaps more stimulating and useful thoughts
as we let the thinking itself
get in motion.

I often discover that
in writing these blogs,
that one thought leads to another.

Speaking, too, my gal and I love to talk five minutes one,
five minutes the next,
and if we stay present with ourselves
and looking into the eyes of the other,
we often discover ourselves saying things at
a deep and profound and often very loving level.

So attention to thinking in speaking
can lead to love.

Actually, being present almost always leads to love
of one sort or another,
love of the sky or the tree you are seeing,
love of the walking you are doing,
love of the person you are with
or the music you are hearing
or playing
or humming.

The song of life.
The dance of life.

Moving into waking
is to move into joy.

Let's go.

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