Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Late posting for special needs parents, and us all

In my larger work, I am creating what I call the Life Spark Process.

This is a process by which people may rapidly and with joy, clarity and awareness:

1. Get clear of old issues with Mom, Dad and any -ex mates in their life

2. Get clear with their present mate/ or get clear what they want in the next relationship

3. Deal with and leave behind the Inner Critic

4. Eliminate stress as a factor in ongoing daily life

5. Learn to live, think, write, talk and eat in the present

6. Radically improve the feeling/ sensation tone of their life,
by doing the Anat Baniel work, as private lessons, and as do it at home movement work.
Feel better, younger, taller, move easier, with more pleasure, skill and awareness.

What does this have to do with Special Needs Children.

Life can challenge any and all of us. We can lose a job, a friend or relation to death, we can get ill, we can lose a friend or lover to separation and divorce.
And in all of this, there are choices:
go numb
feel badly
stay awake, present, joyous and useful and loving  to others
even though the going is "tough" for us

Now, having a special needs child
creates an ongoing and relentless excuse to feel what people
like to call stress

Two of the best and most effective pathways out of stress are
being present

You already know this, if you are a parent,
and maybe you forget,
and so this essay is a reminder:

And it is why the Anat Baniel Method,
and well done Feldenkrais work
works so well: Children are touched in the present,
and small improvements and variations
are created in the present,
we move slow
we move gentle
we move with curiosity as our guide rather than "trying to get something to happen"
the practitioner is always listening, "listening" with their hands:
what is going on in the child
Right Now

And this can be your secret as a parent:
you can touch the child,
no matter how fussy or limited your wonderful child
seems to be
but just touch, in the present
feel what you feel
sense and imagine and tune in on what they feel

move slowly
very slowly
feel what shifts in them from your movement

life is good this way:
when we touch another in the present
it is as if everything else in life is of no importance

we touch
moving slowly
we listen to what they feel like,
we notice what seems to be changing in them
we search for greater pleasure
and a bit of novelty for them,
for ourselves

we sense ourselves in gravity
we follow our breathing

we can do that right now,
reading these words

life is good

and then there is love:
love is just about what we are exploring above:
what is
sticking with
what is

how your child feels to you right now
you know that's perfect
you know you child's perfect

and learning can and will happen

human brains are the most miraculous small package
in the universe

brains love to learn
to create order out of chaos
to bring meaning to the confusing

small movements

even now
this now now, right now,
we can arch our backs a bit and let our stomachs come forward
and then we can round our backs, belly in,
sternum slumping down,
we can go back and forth gently
very gentle,
as if touching our spine and ribs and pelvis and sternum
with our movement

this is self love
this is a grand and sweet alternative to stress

go on,
be sweet to yourself
you deserve it

the present
of being present
is always here

love yourself by being present
and loving your child
even better than your already awesome level
that's possible


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