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More Landmark thoughts, with Osho, Katie, Gurdjieff and Moshe

One of the cool things about Landmark
is they talk and very directly about the enslaved positon
of "ordinary life."

They talk of being slave to our worldview.
The beliefs we might have about: "I'm not lovable."
"It's hard to make money in this economy."
"I can't do...."

All this they are good on.
And they are good on bringing up the idea of transformation vs change.
But, as of yet, I don't think they have the tools to create
that difference.
Since to transform, to my mind, deep here in the Feldie/ Anat Baniel worlds,
you need to rewire the brain,
and only when awareness combines with variation combines with loose attachment to goals combines with discovery combines with mindfulness,
which could be the same as awareness, or a little different,
only with all that,
sensing and feeling in the moment the difference,
say between reading this page with your back arched
and reading this page with your back rounded,
the difference between reading this page with
awareness of your breath
and reading this page without awareness of your breath,
reading this page aware of the other sources, all the sources,
of light
in whatever space you are in,
vs reading this just "focused" (more like hooked) on
the page:
that can transform who you go about reading
this lastest posting/ rant/ ramble/ exploration of

So, what's that go to do with Landmark
well, not just them:
any system that has as its learning model:
A. Teacher gives a bunch of information
B. students listen
C. students "get it" or don't "get it"
D. So what, no action is taken

They have break out groups:
you admit to a partner this or that "resistance"
(confession, I've only been to a promotional meeting,
but did live with a guy I like a ton, and we had
back and forth great discussions,
so the meeting I wen to was discussion of "resistance"
to signing up for the cause),
and that could help
the talking was in an awake,

But it isn't
same old posture
same old voice
same old "oh wow this is me making a discovery act"

So, no real change,
kind of like a lesson where you don't work of the ankle
a bit
and they stand up, and the ankles habit pulls the lesson
back into habitual mode.

Okay, but what's the drift on Osho, Katie, F and M:

Osho and G both say, and mabye O gets it from G:
O: the biggest fear, is the fear of disapproval of others,
and hence not "fitting in:

G: the biggest slavery of humanity is wanting approval from others

Katie: If I had a prayer, and I don't,
it would be : "God spare me from wanting love,
affection and approval from anyone outside myself....ever"

And our man, Moshe:
well, somewhere on my website
the always changing :
i've got that great quote from Awareness  thru movement
most people keep busy enough to stay unaware
and hidden behind the Masks enough to avoid the
immense suffering that would come from asking their hearts
what they really wanted

And Potent Self is nothing if not a long
and sober view of human beings as conditioned animals,
and the huge burden of our long dependency
on more or less sleeping fools.

And so what's that got to do with Landmark:
who knows?

the herd thing:
you get approval by being in the club,
and joining up everyone you are vaguely related or associated with,
and then you are all in the club

it's  a better club,

reminds me of something I read a long time ago:
about cults,
and how they are a substitute family,
especially useful for the young for whom army, school, marriage
can't/ wont' give the break from families:

and kids with strict families find strict cults,
and earthy families find earthy cults,
and spacy families find spacy cults
and no real harm done,
the kids get tired of it
and the only danger was those forcefully "deprogrammed."

Landmark more like a cult
of the mid-life crisis,
and the weariness of suffering and not "making it"
relationships and money,
and these are discussed at a hugely higher level
than "out there,"
and do people get tired of it and move
seems so.

Anyway: back to approval or not:

Let's think about this:
our work as creating an opening
and huge and amazing opening
for people to discover how to
"be themselves."

Think about it:
what's the one thing you can do better than
anyone else in the world:
Be yourself

Ain't that sweet?

Awareness thru Movement

Potent Self
Meetings with Remarkable Men, Gurdjieff understandable

Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson,
Gurdjieff trying to make it hard,
really, he set out to "bury the bone" deeper

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