Monday, July 18, 2011

Low Impact, non drug help for all of us, including special needs children

One of the parents of my baby sweet client Harper, of whom you've seen many
a picture on this blog,
has discovered a wonderful store that I recommended in Austin.

It's called the Herb Bar, and it's near my old neighborhood in
the South Congress area of Austin,
the oh so cool 78704.

Here's the link to the Herb Bar.

Anyway, Penny Howard and her husband Dustin,
started exploring the Herb Bar to find alternatives
to their other daughter, Lilly's, quite heavy duty
allergy medicine.

Penny was recommended an herbal alternative for allergies
and it worked great.

( I suggested the Herb Bar when Penny came to Harper's lessons
all allergied out herself from being in Austin)

Penny kept exploring, looking for help for Harper.

She tried out Rescue Remedy,
which is from the Bach Flower Essence school
of very, very low impact herbal help.

This method of healing was discovered by Edward Bach
in the 1930's, and is basically:
put flowers in with some water,
let the sun energize the water and the flower "essence"
take this essence and put it in a bottle.

Various flower essences
seem to be healing/ soothing/ helping for various
in sometimes an almost silly way
The flower Impatiens helping impatience

sometimes a somewhat mystical way:
Pine helping self-reproach and guilt

and Chicory helping with possessiveness
and meddling and self-pity.

Anyway, Bach came up with Rescue Remedy
for those undergoing trauma
and Penny found one drop of this helped Harper
with her seizures.

When she put this up on a website devoted to
CDLK5 she caught some grief because the Rescue Remedy
was in an alcohol base.

The picture at the start of this article shows that at Whole Foods
you can buy an alcohol free version,
and in a lesson yesterday
with a very, very irritable Maggie (also lots of pictures
of her on this site),
it took about 15 minutes,
but she turned into very relaxed
and very attentive
and extremely interested in learning.

Since the second of Anat's essentials
in the Turning on of the Learning Switch,
the use of Rescue Remedy (we went big time
and used 2 drops)
could be great news for both practitioners
and parents alike.

Here's some books that might get you very excited,
both for stuff bothering you,
and the overall soothing of Rescue Remedy:
(and what of those dealing with "trauma"
as in divorce,
or discovering they have the Cancer diagnosis?
along with walks,
and mindfulness,
and honest communication,
and good sex,
and lots of play, could be wonderful)

which has the following 5 parts:
Star of Bethlehem    for trauma and numbness
Rock Rose                for terror and panic
Impatiens                  for irritability and tension
Cherry Plum             for fear of losing control
Clematis                   for the the tendency to "pass out," the sensation of being "far away" away that                                  often precedes unconsciousness

With both girls seizures is a big issue, and the controlling of them with as little drugs as possible seems very important to me and to the parents

Here's some books'

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