Saturday, July 09, 2011

Potency, Difficulties, Sex, the Good Life and Moshe Feldenkrais

"The overcoming of difficulties 
is one of the essential parts
of the pleasure of living" 
is a part of the second to last sentence in The Potent Self.

This is a book worth reading,
either front to back
of bit by bit.

There are tremendous sections on the problems
of how most of us were raised, most specifically
the "oh, that's so good" praise/ conditioning when e
were "good". This seems so kind, and yet, the message is
always there:
Stop the rewarded/ approved behavior and you are
not so good
which can quickly and easily be felt and expereienced
you are bad.

Tremendous sections of how the central feature
of humans is that they learn,
here with the upside of becoming Pablo Cassals or Michael Jordan,
and the downside of become the same sort of neurotic that
Mom or Dad was.

And then, this is Moshe Feldenkrais, right?
Huge amounts of the book talk about real posture,
which he calls acture,
and the use of the back and spine to further
mobility and ease

and potency.

Sex is important to life
and to Moshe.

Good sex is one of the essentials of a good life.
He shows how his work compliments
and even transcends traditional talk therapy
for dealing with potency issues,
and gives examples of people who
under his guidance where able to go from
impotence to potency.

And then, of course potency
is potency is

And one of the great and glorious things to do with potency:
dive into the pleasure of overcoming difficulties.


And, if the "overcoming of difficulity,"
was the Cancer thing,
how much better to go about this with the peacefulness
of a good sex life,
and the clarity of functioning in a potent
and mature way.

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