Monday, February 06, 2012

if love were free, then what? if it had a cost, what would it be?

this sunset a while back
at Enchanted Rock
a wild wonderful place in Texas

you know the phrase,
sixties stuff, or Hugh Heffner kind of nonsense:
free love

which means, usually,
fooling around and not sticking it out
with the going gets rough
and jumping on to someone else

that's not free really
because it's not love

it could be good sex,
could be an invitation to disaster
and definitely isn't the
with love

because love does have a price

a minor one:

ha, got ya?

and the death isn't literal
it's worst:

good old ego gets to bite the dust

and this sounds big
and it is
cause the ego that bites the dust with love
isn't the one that learns spanish and tai chi
and takes you out dancing when you need
to clear your funk
or plant a garden when you need to get grounded

no it's the ego
that's the piggidy piggy piggo:
the me me me
I come first
give me what I want when I want it
baby demanding tyrant


we fall into that pig now and then
and love's price
and it's gift:
a wake up message:
hey, the other person has their own
other things to do
beside worship and serve and accommodate
to us

so love has a price
death of the pig

and the reward:
we are free
free from all those me me me chains

so love is free

love is free because when
we love
we are free


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