Friday, February 24, 2012

If you are Single and want an Amazing next Relationship

If you are single and want an amazing next Relationship,
here are five things that could be essential:

1. Make a list of everything "wrong" with the last person,
your famous X.
And if there are other further back "X's" who still "bug" you
make a list of everything "wrong" with them.

Then look down the list, breathe, smile and realize every one of
those traits is you, too.

2. Write an apology letter to the X, or X's for your criticisms.
Don't tell them you were right.
Tell them you've realized that you, too, were the one you were pointing the finger at.

3. Write down the statement:
"I really need a new partner to be happy."
Do the work of Byron Katie,,
on that story.

4. Write down other statements,
"This last relationship was a big mistake"

"I'm a failure because the last relationship ended"

"If only so and so had been such and such , we could have
had a good relationship."

Any, and every grumpy statement about your past relationship.
Clear it up
with the work of Byron Katie.

5. If you are experiencing loneliness,
look within:
go back and forth between being totally present
putting awareness on a loneliness story/ or feeling
back and forth

In the present any sensations of a loneliness "feeling" are real.
Any story accompanying the sensations is non real thoughts/ words/ story in your head.
In the present, be in reality of now.

Contrast that with going for/ being in/ attaching to/ believing your story.

5. Take your pick and be honest about the pick you are taking.


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