Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Movement and Love, Feldenkrais and Love, the whole shebang

I used to post on Wednesdays some thoughts
of a Feldenkrais nature.

I have strayed, it appears in these various Poems from Now,
and love thoughts,
and relationship enlightenment rambles,
and perhaps the straying has not been so far.

I want to stray back to a once a week essay,
in this weird poems style, which I like as more readable,
and more easy to let the thoughts,
creep out
a time.

To say nothing of our great Feldie friend:

One word lines
and then letting the words jumble rumble along and go all the way to the end of the page and then wrap around and keep going in word processor style

today's topic:
Feldenkrais and love, which I've explored several times before. (next week I'll write about "anti-aging" as the "main topic," but watch and see:
and love
and anti-aging all meet at a sweet point.)

And what is the sweet point:
The Kingdom of Heaven is within.
And the Kingdom of Heaven is now.

Life without love is, in a certain way, not really worth living,
and it's about knowing the kingdom of heaven
within oneself
and seeing feeling and encouraging that in your partner,
and in everyone you love.

And in Feldenkrais, we
appear to be moving bodies
in space
on tables
or chairs or the floor,
with an occasional brave "standing lesson."

Are we looking for the "Kingdom of Heaven,"
(which I'm conveniently, and on purpose leaving
vague and open ended)
in these bodies?


We are loving these bodies in the usual way
of real lovers who:
1. listen
2. like what they hear
3. are willing to go very slowly with any shifting
4. aren't afraid to suggest alternatives
5. listen to the results of those alternatives
6, are deeply concentrated on things being perfect and getting even
better for the other

All this could be elaborated,
and won't be.

You fill in the extras, if you are a Feldie.

You fill in the examples if you are in love.

You look for where you are missing the mark if you are not in
love right now.

I've taken this website name:
to help and encourage those who might wish for
relationship based on awakened and present existence.

And have an ongoing blog:
for those in our out of relationship,
again, wanting, wishing, even demanding
awareness as core
to their love


And here we are back to the theme of the day:

Feldenkrais: where Awareness is crowned as life's chance for freedom
(See Moshe's Awareness Through Movement, the first section)
and Movement is the way to most easily get there

Love; where awareness of ourselves in the present,
and in our bodies
allows our minds and our inner chatter to
shut up enough
so we can actually indulge in the great gift
and glory of another person
in all their rags and riches, beauty and warts,
in our presence
and beyond this indulgence and our own joy,
shower them with this greatest of all gifts:

our awareness of them,
in the present.

Okay, that's enough.

Plenty of blanks to fill in, meadows to plant with wild flowers,
poems to write for yourself.

Go out.
Love the world.
Give great lessons.

Feed awareness with awareness.

Core to the Koran,
the light Verse,

core to that Verse:

Light upon Light


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