Thursday, February 16, 2012

what to do when angry with your lover?

Ah, yes, it happens
you get angry
with your lover

the perfect one

oh, well,
it happens
and you can't really love someone
unless you can hate them every
in awhile

but here's some tips:
don't say anything
don't make any decisions
go away for awhile

leave them alone
they don't need to hear


go away and
write down
all their sins

they aren't perfect
they probably pulled some shit

i mean face it:
if they were perfect would they
be with you?

oh well,
they pulled some shit
and you write it down

and stew
and stew

and then,
try this
sense the stewing inside
and notice
the stewing inside you

this is the anger
churning away

it's yours
your treasure
for as long as you want

and then do
something else besides stew
you've go a life:

go work
or walk
or read
or meditate
or garden
or pay attention
to who you are without the stewing story
of how  they should have been perfect

pay attention
to what you are
without the bad/imperfect lover
to disturb

what are you?

who are you?

and what about happiness?
can you be happy
about your loved one,
and with your loving inside,
deep inside,

even with the shit
they pulled?

if no, keep waiting
keep working
keep meditating
keep not saying anything
keep not deciding anything (you can imagine it though:
 never going to speak to them again, never going
to buy them candy, going to smack them in the face
with a big cream pie.... keep the crimes non violent and
in your mind)

and then
when you remember this:

I love you

you can say something
you can go back to them

but first

I Love You

write your list again,
and in love

and still don't say it

go say the

I Love you

and say that in an hour or two you'll
say the list
of what made you angry

but wait

there's plenty of time
for lovers

there's always time
to wait

until love is the ocean
and everything else just
up and down
up and down
life's a merry go round
gently gently gently gently
life is but a dream

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