Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Want a great relationship: Tell the truth. All of it.

Another great photo by Michelle, at mischelle@zahavah.com

I am attracted to .....

I get jealous when you...

I forgot to tell you that .......

I have this feeling that.....

Something is bothering me, and I don't know what it is....

My stomach feels weird.....

I've been feeling that something is missing.....

I had a dream about......

This used to turn me on, but something is changing.

I need time to myself.

I want to talk about my life purpose. I need a listener.

I feel like we are forgetting something important.

Who am I really?

Who are you?

And so on...

If you want a fantastic relationship: tell the truth.
All of the truth.

Anat Baniel's New Book:

is out, published.

If you have a friend with a special needs child,
or a brain
that wouldn't mind getting smarter
a body
that wouldn't mind feeling younger, happier, sexier, more comfortable and "smart"
get the book.

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