Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To feel sad is not bad, it's just...

there is no law against
feeling sad
feeling bad

and then we walk outside
and the sky doesn't feel
how is that

and the sun,
no matter how many clouds behind
which it is hidden
doesn't feel bad
why is that?

and the birds seem to sing each
without complaint

and still
feeling sad is no crime

it's just time
we are choosing to spend
that way?

there is a message of course,

who is the one feeling sad?

is that the really really you?

what is the sad story
and is it true?

and true to whom?
to the real you that is like the bird
and sky
and stars
and rain
and trees

or the ????? one
who is a collection a rag tag conglomerate
of fables and shoulds and shouldn'ts and this is
how others see me
and this is what I've told myself I am

meanwhile the
birds sing

and our hearts beat
and our lungs breathe
and the gravity of the situation
holds us from flying off into space

which is what it can feel like
when the story disappears

we float
we rise about "it"
the pretend chains
that our words and minds embrace

and then a bit of stillness

no more sadness

and not because we wished or pushed
(or affirmed) it away

we just stopped the tie
to its fuel

and all that was left

and now
was so big and bright

is so big and bright

that we shine huge
and peaceful

like the stars
in the night

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