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Fund Raisining for Special Needs Children Parents: going beyond the comforable

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Children are expensive.

Special needs children are very expensive.

Hillary Clinton's book title helped us all remember what we all kind of knew:


This is even more true with a special needs child.

As anyone reading this blog knows, I consider the Anat Baniel Method one of the finest
methods to get the brains and bodies of these wonderful children catching up with their peers.

The method is based on slow and gentle and variation and turning on the learning switch and more.
You can read about that in Anat's already published book, Move into Life.
And soon you can read about it ( March 27) in her new book: Kids Without Limits.

But for now, I want to encourage all special needs parents to step up their skills and their
courage and reach out to several villages, or the a BIG VILLAGE to fund raise for their child's

Not only are the ABM lessons a fair but high price, but there are travel expenses, and medical expenses, and baby sitting expenses and much more. Parents know far better than I.

I have recently, in Dallas, completed my certification for David Neagle's Money Miracle Coaching.

Several of his key concepts seem especially useful to special needs children parents who might be hesitant to fund raise actively for their child's expenses:

1) If there is a need, the money is available, here in your life, right now to meet that need.

2) This money doesn't fall from heaven the way many of the "Law of Attraction" folk seem to imagine, but is available as an Opportunity that exists. Right now.

3) To take advantage of that opportunity always demands we step up to a higher level of who we can be. The old level couldn't see the opportunity, or would be afraid to make moves that a uncomfortable to make our new reality possible. The new level can see the opportunity and create what seem like miracles.

(This is totally in line with the ABM lessons, which always test out and provide new ways to move, trying always something easy, but something beyond the "comfortable" and routine of the established range of possibilities. Notice I did NOT say range of motion. ABM is about brains, and their amazing ability to learn and learn and learn.)

4) The more we take advantage of new opportunities the more we see the old excuses of
NOT NOW ( later we can get the changes we want)
and TOO EXPENSIVE (the new so often requires us to expand our definitions of what we can desire, what we can bring in, what we can spend).

The underlying attitude is one of amazingly benevolent spirituality: That God would create a need in us that He didn't create a way for us to satisfy.

So, with special needs children: You didn't sign up to be fund raisers, and you didn't sign up to be a special needs child parent, but the people you will meet, the skills you will establish, the hope for your child and humanity that you will engender all will be that famous "blessing in disguise" that so much of times "hard times" bring to us.

I encourage you to think big, two or three times even the amount you think would "just get by."

There are people in your community with a great deal of money, and big hearts. You might not know how to find them yet, but ask, find the connections. Somehow the necessary links will take place.

Keep track of what you are learning, so later you can help and teach other special needs children parents how to do this, too.

God bless you and enjoy the learning, enjoy going beyond your habits, enjoy expanding out into an even more amazing you.

March 19, 2012

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