Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the game of enlightenment

has a fine reputation
as something kind of cool

and maybe it is

maybe not

light is good

shedding light on the real
is good

shedding our suffering seems
a worthy way to be

shedding our grasping to be better
than others
or to be right
or to not have to shift to see the next thing that
is coming along

letting go
taking it easy

waking up to the moment

all that seems like a good thing

and is it?

Who knows?

and the who that knows or not knows
is .....?

what if our experience is
a nice indicator of our life
right now

and what else could it be

experiencing this moment
can have all sorts of concepts about
how cool that that is

but just the moment
the experiencing
the whatever us/ not us experiencing the

that works as a life
that is lived
without moorings
but with lots of joy
and juice

and is that true?

who knows?

try living this way
experiencing this way
juicing into all this
chunk by chunk
breath by breath
laugh by laugh

nowwhere to go
no where is better
and now
and is already here

and it's over


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