Sunday, December 01, 2013

Movement #3, in bed and easy on your back, great in your brain

Lie in bed on your left side, with your right leg on top of your left leg.

Have your arms extended straight out, forward, which is the direction your nose is facing. Your right hand rests palm down, on your left hand which is palm up.

1. Slowly, slowly, move your right hand forward, feeling the vertebrae of the spine join in one by one from the top down your back. Then bring the hand back and feel the spine moving the other way.

How far does the movement in the back extend?

Go back and forth many times, each time seeing if you can do it slower, easier and with more enjoyment and awareness.

Do this maybe ten or twelve times.

2. Rest on your back.
Breathe easily and notice any difference side to side.

Take a while to just be present to being in a body, in your body, in your body now, with each breath.

3. Slowly, slowly, slowly, move your right knee "forward" as if it were peeking over the edge of the left knee.

Feel this movement moving UP in your back.

4. Rest
Make all the rests an active, awareness enhancing, pleasure increasing feast for yourself.

5. Play with this,
and go very very slowly:

Bring both your right hand and your right knee forward, as
if they were a 
Forward and then back.
Feeling how the ribs roll, how there
is less movement in the spine, feeling
what is happening in your neck and hips.

Really enjoy this.
Breathe easily as you do it.

6. Rest

7. Now, get fancy and go slowest of all
Move the hip and knee forward as
the hand and shoulder move back,
and move your hip and right knee back, 
your right hand moves forward.

Stop if you get confused.

Do less.

Rest between "tries."

When you get it, feel how the vertebrae at the top
of your back
are moving in the opposite direction as the vertebrae on the
of your back.

Really indulge in noticing and enjoying this.

8. Rest on your back.
Notice the differences side to side
Take a little nap.
Come to sitting (roll up, do not yank up through the middle) and stand and
walk around.
How do you feel?
What do you notice?

Go slowly in your life for another five or ten minutes.

Tis the season to SLOW DOWN.


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