Monday, December 30, 2013

Movement #6: More Chair Fun. Left and Right, plus...

Sit in in a chair>
Notice your relationship to gravity
Mull over how long it has been since you've been aware that you are in gravity all day
Breathe smile
Feel what feels good
Feel what doesn't feel so good

Lean down between your legs and reach for the floor
Don't strain
Go as far as easily

Lean to the left with your head
Come back to the middle
Do this many times
Let your weight come onto the left side of your pelvis
Your left "sit bone" ( Sitz bone as it were, but we'll just call it
the left side of your pelvis)

rest a bit
feel your body and breathing and
relationship to gravity

Lean to the left again
each time you do, take your left hand
down the left side of the chair towards the floor
Come up, slowly, enjoying
the touch on the chair
Do this many times, easily


Now test how leaning down toward the floor
between your legs feels
more pleasurable

how could you make it more pleasurable?

lean to the left
and lower your left arm along the chair towards the floor,
and leave it as near as it goes,
don't push it,
and let it come forward and backward
moving your head back and forth as it to follow the arm

Put your left hand over your head and hold your right ear with your left hand
In this configuration
a) Rock to the right side of your pelvis
b) Let your ribs go to the right
c) Gently pull your head to the left

So this time you are leaning left
but with a shift to the right side
of your pelvis

Do this many times, gently,
feeling the curve in your spine
enjoying it


Try our reaching for the floor again

As in five,
but now
when you get all the way to the left with your head
do the "cat and cow" we've done in earlier lessons,
that is
( all while curved left and sitting on the right "sitz bone"
have your
belly go out
roll forward on this right side of your pelvis
arch your back and bring
your head back a bit

roll back on the right side of your pelvis
pull your belly in
bring your tilting head a little forward

go back and forth like this

test for the floor reaching
rest more

get up and walk around
notice differences side to side

If you want,
do this sequence on the other side

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