Monday, January 06, 2014

making out with life

you are walking down the street
lost in your thoughts,
next to a fence,

on the other side of the fence,
a dog, a big dog, barks loud

god backwards
has let loose a wild loud sound
and your body shivers awake,
your eyes open wide,
your blood courses,
you see the fence you'd neglected to notice
and the sky
and the street
and you might even feel sensations
all the way down to your feet

god/ dog has awakened
back into life

that happens sometimes

and then, here's our life problem
life challenge
life opportunity
life thrill

how to turn everything into a chance
to wake up
like that
except without fear
but with a big grin
of delight?

how can we do that?
what do you think?
what do you feel?
What do you desire?

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