Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Heart Knows What the Mind has Forgotten, ( Love is, Love Ain't 8)

Love is and Love Ain’t, part 8

Is there anything left to say on this topic?


Sometimes, if you just sit across the table from someone, with whom you think there is a big deal disagreement.

And you just look into each other’s eyes.
And you feel your heart.
And you feel them feeling their heart.
And your heart knows something your mind thought was all wrong.
And you let the words go.

And you both
soak in what you’ve forgotten, 
that bond, that connection.

And wallah…. the love you thought was gone, wasn’t.

This delightful unfolding happened for me and a supposedly lost lover last night.
After two months of either blackout, 
or picking away, 
or squabbling on text and email, 
we were both certain we’d come together 
for the showdown at OKAY coral,

then together, we laughed
 and our hearts went pitter patter, and there we were again:
crazy with pleasure in each others’ company.

Oh, well.
Worst things have happened to good people.


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