Thursday, January 02, 2014

some kind of anger, that allows the sun to shine in

you know,
we can get annoyed,
we can feel slighted,
we can be betrayed
and all that

and in the long run
so what

the short run, too,
if you want to be happy
in the present

and sometimes
it's just good to be angry
not take it so seriously

rant and rave,
but with a smile inside you, too
( you know you've done whatever misdeed
they've done, at
some time
or other)

write a furious letter
and really abuse the other
and then delete it

or at least don't send it

and be present
while you rant
and let the joy be there
on your inside
and it that joyful place in us that knows,

I am alive

this is my anger having its little tantrum
this is a fine batch of energy

stay happy
and let the anger play
and then get back to your work
or your love
or your real play

what are you here on earth
to do?

use the anger as energy
to go for that


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