Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Balance Two, for You

Stand near a wall>

Decide which foot is your stable foot,
and which your free foot

Stable is usually right for left handers, and left for right
Free is usually right for right handers, and left for left

Lift one foot

That one's your free foot

Stand a foot and a half or so from the wall,
adjust so that you feel moderately or a lot comfortable
leaning the top of your head into the wall

Use your hands for support if need be

Bring your free foot behind your stable foot,
so that it is on the opposite side that it usually is
both feet are pointing toward the wall

Shift your weight very slowly from right to left
and then back
Many times
Feel the transition as if 10%, 20%, 30% in one foot
as the weight gets more very gradually

Enjoy this
and notice how different it is to have the weight to your left side
on your right foot
the weight to your right side
on your left foot

by gently pushing to upright
and leaving the wall to walk around a bit

Everything as in One
same foot behind,
and now shift the weight from heels to toes
and back

Many times

Rest with your head on the wall

Now, do a circle of weight distribution:
Left heel, left toes,
Right toes, right heel
Many times,
reverse the circle

Now the longer rest, standing and walking

Put the free foot in front and across to the other side
again, both feel pointing to the wall

and do the three stages from above;

Left and right

Front and back

Around the circle in both directions

Stand and walk for a rest

Take your stable foot behind the standing foot and to the opposite side
do all three

then rest and stand and walk

Take your stable foot in front of your free foot and to the opposite side
all three:

Right and left
Front and back
Around the circle in both directions

Rest by walking and stay out of normal actions for awhile

Take a walk outdoor is you can,
though it's cold this time of the year most places

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